Korea's largest cruise ship in the world, 'Seoul Cruise No. 88' investment ceremony ceremony ceremony .. "$ 2.2 billion investment completed!"

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SEOUL, Feb. 27 (Yonhap) - South Korean shipbuilding investment company Seo Byeong-eun, a 88-year-old shipbuilding investment company, plans to build an eco-friendly new technology (ECOPLASMA) Held the signing ceremony for the construction investment contract of 'Seoul Cruise No. 88', Korea's first national cruise ship.




On the same day, the company signed an investment contract for 'Seoul Cruise No.88', the largest cruise ship in the world, and completed a US $ 2.2 billion investment in the FUND for the US, Italy, Nigeria and Tanzania. We plan to establish a company.

Seoul Cruise No. 88 Ship Investment Co., Ltd., which has been promoting the construction of Seoul Cruise No. 88, the world's largest cruise ship since April 2010, will establish a cruise ship propulsion company on March 20, 2015, It has been promoting a cruise ship construction business as a nationwide business by promoting a committee composed of about 150 members in various fields such as business, media, sports, finance, entertainment and law. And a letter of intent for investment of US $ 3 billion from HSBC Bank and CT Bank.

STX Cruise Line 88, which is the world's largest cruise ship built by STX Shipyard in France, completed its business in cooperation with the STX Norwegian subsidiary, and has a length of 380 ~ 420 meters, a width of 87 ~ The world's largest cruise ship surpasses the currently operating Oasis (220,000 tons), with 105 meters and 23 stories high, with a total of 18,000 passengers (5,200 crew members and 9,800 to 12,000 passengers) It is a line.

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