The African Diaspora Chamber of Commerce (ADCC), established in 2012, a nonprofit organization at the forefront of strengthening and facilitating the commercial relationship between the African Diaspora and the continent of Africa. As a new organization we are committed to make an impact on the African people throughout the globe. As we forge Africa as the next Economic Frontier. ADCC works closely with governments, multilateral groups and private enterprises to improve Africa's trade and investment climate.

The African Diaspora knows: private enterprise, investment capital, technology transfer and management. ADCCplatform is designed to bring together potential business partners and increase Africa's investment profile in the world by developing critical contacts and business relationships among the African Diaspora while providing real opportunities for the exchange of information and ideas as we unity as an African people.


ADCC Vision/Mission

Our mission is to advocate for humanity, to feature Africa as the next frontier for economic growth and development, while promoting gender equality and youth empowerment.


Our vision is threefold for penetration:

1. Exchange cultural, educational and economic inclusion between Africa and the African Diaspora.

2. Break down myths that created barriers about Africa. Facilitate greater communication through public relations and real life success stories.

3. Collaboration between public and private enterprises, investment capital, technology transfer and managerial skills.



Pat McCants

Founder & Chairman

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Bill Smith

President, African Diaspora Chamber of Commerce/USA


Chijioke K James

President, African Diaspora Chamber of Commerce/Nigeria

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Deok Sil Kim

President, African Diaspora Chamber of Commerce/South Korea

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